Best de-cluttering success tip: focus for 5 with me
By jamie May 26, 2015


Your official focus for 5 with Jamie de-cluttering jump start cheat sheet click here to print your copy of the 2 page jumpstart cheatsheet This is perfect for you if you procrastinate – jumping in for 5 minutes is an easy way to just do something. This is perfect for you if you are a perfectionist – if you hold >>>

The Best Tip to Makeover Your Utensil Drawer
By jamie May 19, 2015


When it got to the point I couldn’t open my utensil drawer without slipping my hand in to push stuff down I knew I had a problem. But when I look at all those items inside the drawer I just can’t decide what I need to keep and what I can toss. I bake a lot so yes I do >>>

Organizing Matching Game: ready, set, play!
By jamie May 11, 2015


Click here to print your game board. A few days ago a new computer modem arrived in the mail from the cable company. Apparently my old one was not just old but ancient and they wanted me to actually be able to log onto the internet. So I set it up. Hours later I realized the new modem has wireless >>>

Organizing Scavenger Hunt
By jamie May 5, 2015


A few weeks ago I set out on a sort of organizing scavenger hunt, tracking down and tossing items from a “toss list.” Since I found it fun I shared my list and turns out I’m not the only one who liked the idea. I received many emails saying how the list turned a chore into a fun game. So >>>

How to Store Out of Season Clothes
By jamie April 27, 2015


Every few months, as the seasons turned from hot to cold and back again, I would drag out huge plastic storage tubs, toss in all my out-of-season clothing and drag the tubs into closets until I needed them again. I’d be lucky if I didn’t wrench my back- those huge tubs, filled with clothes were HEAVY! And the large tubs >>>

3 Things to Simplify Your Life Today
By jamie April 21, 2015


3 Things to Simplify Your Life Today I don’t know about you but I could use a little more simplicity in my life. Trouble is there are endless options to choose from when it comes to things I can do to simplify my life. Which means choosing something to do isn’t all that simple. So I decided to narrow down >>>

Follow-Up on 1 Thing Today
By jamie April 13, 2015

follow up

A few weeks ago I opted into paperless statements for one of my department store credit cards. As a thank you the store promised me a $10- gift card. I still have not received the money. I need to follow-up. About a week ago my cable company informed me my cable modem needs to be upgraded. They offered to mail >>>

10 Things to Toss Today
By jamie April 7, 2015

10 things to toss today

Have you ever wished there was a list to jump start your de-cluttering efforts? Good news! I put together a 10 point checklist for you to follow. The goal is to check off each item on the list. Bonus points if you can get the whole list checked off in 20 minutes or less. If you stay on task it >>>

Toss It Tuesday: email edition
By jamie March 31, 2015

toss it tues emails

Try this if your email inbox is overflowing Today is the perfect day to set a timer for 5 minutes then open and process emails. I don’t know about you but I am great at opening and reading emails. Following through and then deleting them – well not so much. Which is why I have 1,976 emails in my Gmail >>>

Spring Cleaning and Organizing
By jamie March 30, 2015

spring feature

Here in New Jersey the weather seems like it might finally be taking a turn towards spring. My proof is these little beauties starting to bloom. And one little guy came out to say hello!  All these spring flowers and blue skies have me feeling like opening the windows and clearing out the old.  I could use a fresh start! >>>