STOP the Freebies
By jamie April 26, 2016


I am finally ready to accept it – just because something is f-r-e-e doesn’t mean I have to bring it home. Seriously, my kitchen drawers are brimming with all sorts of things I didn’t need, but I picked it up and brought home simply because it was f-r-e-e.                 I have 3 quarts >>>

10 Minute Inventory
By jamie April 19, 2016


Yesterday after running a few errands I had an “oh-no” moment! First, I picked up Holly’s favorite dog food at the pet store. Then, I stopped at the craft store for a tub of under-the-sea stickers. This week I am the guest reader at my niece’s school when I’ll get to read a book to the class then we will >>>

Fill One Bag then Toss It
By jamie April 12, 2016


So you may remember back at the start of the New Year I challenged you to join me for the BIG BAG TOSS of 2016. In case you missed it you can read all about it here The BIG Bag Toss of 2016 Turns out many of you really liked the idea of the big bag toss challenge. It also >>>

Contain Clutter – Here’s How (and why)
By jamie April 5, 2016


Here’s how I do my best to corral and contain clutter… Last night I cooked dinner, the best part is I actually used one of the many recipes I’ve clipped and tossed in a shoebox! The side dish was roasted veggies and they were yummy. Who would have thought I’d want a cozy dish in the beginning of April – >>>

Secrets of Getting Organized
By jamie March 29, 2016


Around this time every year Better Homes and Gardens releases a very special issue of their magazine called Secrets of Getting Organized. In the past they’ve included me in issues and this year I was lucky enough to be invited back! (Thank you BH&G) Drum-roll please……on stands now……you’ll find Secrets of Getting Organized. Hint: you might recognize someone on page >>>

Don’t Put it Down Put it Away
By jamie March 22, 2016


It has been a particularly busy few days around here. Do you ever find when you’re extra busy things can get extra messy? Today I wasted W-A-Y too much time searching for the battery charger for the camera. In case you couldn’t tell I finally found it! Otherwise I would not have been able to take all these photos; and >>>

3 Ways a Curtain Rod Can Make Your Kitchen More Organized
By jamie March 15, 2016


It happened again! All I wanted to do was cook dinner- we were having tacos. I needed my favorite pan with the lid. But the lid was nowhere to be found. My hunger grew stronger as I sorted through a pile of pans and lids. I had to move multiple pans to search for the lid. Lids were clattering to >>>

What To Do with Receipts
By jamie March 8, 2016


If you needed to find a receipt what is the likelihood you could find it in three minutes or less? If your receipts are all in order you can skip reading this. But if you: “file” your receipts by stuffing them in a drawer let them live at the bottom of your handbag along with a lonely piece of chewing >>>

Your March De-Clutter Game Board
By jamie March 1, 2016


Are you ready for your March de-cluttering challenge? I created a fun little game so we can tackle that clutter together! Begin on the START HERE square then follow the arrows around the board completing the task in each shape as you go. Before you know it you’ll land on END HERE and you’ll have completed the game. Ready, set, >>>

How to Sort that Pile of Random Stuff
By jamie February 23, 2016


My pile of random stuff started with one coupon sitting on the corner of the kitchen counter-top, sound familiar? Then I added a recipe followed closely by a thank you note. That was met with someone else putting a broken pair of earbuds on the pile. The pile continued to grow until I needed the counter-top space. We had tacos >>>