Do These 3 Things This Week
By jamie February 9, 2016


Am I the only one still playing catch-up from the holidays? There are a handful of things I keep telling myself I need to get to. Then another week goes by and they are still undone. Usually I remember I need to do them around 2am when I wake up and then can’t fall back asleep… So this week feels >>>

February Challenge: Make It or Make It Go Away
By jamie February 2, 2016


Back when I feeling crafty I decided to make a bracelet. So I bought a bracelet making kit. The kit included enough supplies to make 50 bracelets. I made one. That was 3 years ago. And now I have enough leftover beads to make 49 more! Then there are all the empty tins from mints. I saw on Pinterest how >>>

The Stuff You Skip Over
By jamie January 27, 2016


Today I went to grab a pen from the pen cup on the kitchen counter. I pushed the blue, non-refillable ballpoint to the side and reached for the other one. Why? Because the blue one has no ink. How do I know this? Because the last hundred times I’ve picked it up and tried to use it – well, it >>>

Put the Gifts Away (before May)
By jamie January 19, 2016


Are you still playing catch-up from the holidays? Me too! I have a pile of gifts that need to be put away (hopefully before May.) And there are some gift cards I need to dig out before I forget to use them. This week let’s put some stuff away (before May.) I have a pile of new things that I >>>

The BIG Bag Toss of 2016
By jamie January 7, 2016


January Challenge: The BIG Bag Toss I can’t think of a better way to kick off the New Year in a clutter-free fashion. Challenge yourself to give away 16 bags of stuff over the next 7 days. Step 1 Fill bags with items to give away Step 2 Actually give the bags away               >>>

The Key: Follow Up
By jamie December 7, 2015

follow up

It’s a most wonderful (and most busy) time of year. Instead of visions of sugarplums I’m having thoughts of these things: • Did that credit post to my account? • Did that package ship yet? • Did Aunt Steph decide if she’s staying over after dinner? Many times these unanswered questions swirl around in your mind at inconvenient times like >>>

A Quick Holiday Recap
By jamie November 30, 2015


Do you remember how much ice you used last year? How about this year? Me either! These are the helpful hints I think I’ll never forget. But then I need to change the password to my email and I have to remember to take Holly for a walk and suddenly I have no idea who preferred diet soda or what >>>

Happy Thanksgiving!
By jamie November 26, 2015


Wishing you a very relaxed Thanksgiving Day!

1 Day Until Thanksgiving
By jamie November 24, 2015

1 day post wednesday 11-24

Relax, You’re Doing Enough
By jamie November 23, 2015


I want you to know you are doing enough (really.) So relax. I know it be difficult to believe when everywhere you look you are faced with the idea that you should be doing more. But trust me you are doing enough.I know it can be hard to look past all those TV segments about how to make your holidays >>>