What to Pack in a Summer Fun Bag
By jamie July 28, 2015

summer bag

Has a fun and relaxing day trip ever turned into a stressful can’t-get-ready-to-get-out-the-door event? That’s exactly what happened two times this past week! At the last minute I saw a Facebook post for a concert on the beach. But to make it on time we’d have to walk out the door right then! And I wasn’t ready. I didn’t have >>>

Catch Up Before It’s Clutter
By jamie July 21, 2015


I enjoy lazy summer days – how about you? The bright sunshine, the smell of a neighbor’s barbeque, and the splashing in the pool. The sound of the ice cream truck ringing his bell as he drives down the street and the fireflies lighting up the evening sky. My luggage from a weekend trip that I haven’t unpacked yet – >>>

What to do when no one wants the good china
By jamie July 14, 2015


Any ideas? No one wants the good china… (or the crystal candlesticks or my costume jewelry or the heirloom dining chairs) Sound familiar?  Passing things down connects generations.  So if you are asked to take an item it might be that person’s way of asking you to not forget them when they are gone. And if you are trying to >>>

Storing Important Documents (Part 2 of 2)
By jamie June 29, 2015


Last week I shared a list of important documents I have in safe storage. If you missed it you can check it out here.These important papers, like a Social Security Card, are difficult to replace but in most cases they are replaceable. This week I want talk about the items that are impossible to replace. Like this letter written by >>>

Storing Important Documents (Part 1 of 2)
By jamie June 22, 2015

impt doc  (8)

You know how sometimes you can be a little disorganized in some areas while being uber-organized in another? That’s how I am about my important documents – you know all those papers that are difficult if not impossible to replace. My kitchen counter might have stuff on it and my clothes might sit in the laundry basket longer than I’d >>>

Forget Perfect
By jamie June 15, 2015


Do you trip yourself up trying to organize perfectly? I sure do! This weekend I planned to reorganize one of my bathroom shelves. This particular shelf hangs on the wall and I always imagined having my bath towels rolled perfectly then stacked on the shelf. I thought it would be functional and the picture I had in my mind had >>>

Dealing with Overdue Clutter
By jamie June 9, 2015


Yesterday this beautiful thank you card arrived in my mailbox. The card made my day! The card was from a friend expressing thanks for my having sent her a signed copy of my newest book. When I mailed her the book I didn’t expect a thank you card, but receiving one in the mail was a nice surprise and her >>>

Stop Cluttering and Start Doing
By jamie June 1, 2015


This past week I found myself at a Welcome Center in Pennsylvania where I couldn’t help but add to my already overgrown collection brochures for day-trips-I-want-to-take-some-day. I picked up another 20 or so. I love dreaming about all the day trips I can take one day. Problem is I get stuck in the collecting of ideas but I never follow >>>

Best de-cluttering success tip: focus for 5 with me
By jamie May 26, 2015


Your official focus for 5 with Jamie de-cluttering jump start cheat sheet click here to print your copy of the 2 page jumpstart cheatsheet This is perfect for you if you procrastinate – jumping in for 5 minutes is an easy way to just do something. This is perfect for you if you are a perfectionist – if you hold >>>

The Best Tip to Makeover Your Utensil Drawer
By jamie May 19, 2015


When it got to the point I couldn’t open my utensil drawer without slipping my hand in to push stuff down I knew I had a problem. But when I look at all those items inside the drawer I just can’t decide what I need to keep and what I can toss. I bake a lot so yes I do >>>