3 Ways Organizing Can Make You Healthier

You’ve got a lot going on, so it’s no wonder that “getting healthier” ends up on the back burner. Here are three simple ways to get organized to get healthier starting today!

1. Rearrange your closet moving your favorite “one size away from wearing this” outfit towards the front. Seeing the outfit can be all the motivation you need to pick up an apple instead of a bag of chips- it’s all about the bite size choices.

2. De-clutter the treadmill turned makeshift closet. We’ve all done, invested in a piece of exercise equipment only to drape a pair of jeans over the handrail. Seeing the equipment is that visual reminder to take action and get moving.

3. Keep your workout clothes and sneakers heandy adn ready to toss on. When you’re energized to get moving having to track down your outfit first means your workout time was spent getting ready to workout.

And of course just the simple act of organizing gets you moving. Filling bags to drop off to charity, moving bookcases, pulling items out of a closet- you’ll exert energy thereby burning calories.