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I travel nationally providing laugh-out-loud-funny keynotes, workshops, staff development programs, lunch-n-learns, and virtual events.

About Jamie

Organizing Humorist™ and bestselling author Jamie Novak travels between her offices in NJ and CA presenting programs on how to de-stress and de-clutter. She’s been seen on QVC, HGTV, Better TV, and writes for Reader’s Digest online. When not on the road Jamie is searching for a cure to her addiction to clipping recipes she never prepares.

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Workshop Titles and Blurbs

(typically the run time is 60 minutes followed by a Q&A session – the timing can be adjusted to fit your schedule)

Keep This Toss That 

In this not to be missed laugh-out-loud funny program Organizing Humorist™ and Best-Selling author Jamie Novak shares common challenges of de-cluttering your home – without getting overwhelmed. It’s as if she has been spying on us! Jamie takes us on a journey inside our homes and minds, you’ll see yourself in every example she shares, including her pile of very important paperwork. Perfect for savers and sentimentalists you’ll leave the program inspired to get organized for a clutter-free life! Wondering what to keep? What to toss? What to share or sell? And how to let it all go? Then run don’t walk to this workshop!

Declutter, Destress and Get Things Done!

If you procrastinate, lose papers in a stack of mail, and have a 2-page to-do list then this program is for you! Join bestselling author and Organizing Humorist Jamie Novak to learn a few simple organizing tricks for key areas of your home and life. Come for a laugh (or two) and to learn how to easily clear the clutter and store the stuff. No more saying, “Where did I put that?” or “I’ve been looking for this!”


Keep This Toss That – The GREAT Closet Clean-out

If you need to wear a hard hat to open your closet doors for fear of things toppling out then you need to join Jamie for this one night event! Come for a laugh (or two) and to learn how to easily transform your closets. No more saying, “Where did I put that?” or “I’ve been looking for this!”

  • You’ll learn how to make more storage space in the closets and other storage spaces you have.
  • The five things every closet needs.
  • Discover the key to deciding what to keep and what to toss.
  • And what to do with what you find including boxes of photographs and sentimental items.

How to sort through your home without getting overwhelmed

Join Jamie for a humorous look at the common challenges to paring down. If you have an attic full of treasures, a garage filled with heirlooms instead of a car, a basement with your children’s toys and closets of collectibles this program is for you!

Aside from a laugh or two, you will walk away with stress-free steps to downsize with ease. If you are wondering what has value, where you can share or sell it and how to let it all go this program is for you!

Spring De-cluttering for a Fresh Start (or for the New Year if given in January)

Ready to tackle that spring cleaning checklist but not sure where to start? Join Author and Organizing Expert Jamie Novak when she reveals all her insider tips and tricks to getting it all done in half the time. From time saving tips like using Listerine to clean shower grout to how a pillowcase can clean your ceiling fan to what to do with all those paper piles Jamie shares it all. You’ll leave this program with a personalized plan and the motivation to put that plan into action!

*These are the most requested programs. Don’t see the program you want? Jamie can create a program to meet your needs.

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