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I travel nationally providing:

  • keynotes
  • workshops
  • staff development programs
  • lunch-n-learns
  • virtual events

I customize the program to fit the audience, including:

  • General audience(who just have too much stuff and don’t know where to begin)
  • Busy Moms (who are tripping over toys and drowning in paperwork)
  • Seniors (who may be downsizing or dealing with a lifetime of treasures)
  • Staff/employees (who need to get to work on time and have a productive workday)
  • Librarians/library staff (who juggle a lot of balls and may share work spaces)

 Workshop Titles and Blurbs

(typically the run time is 60 minutes followed by a Q&A session – the timing can be adjusted to fit your schedule)

Keep This Toss That (BRAND NEW PROGRAM!)

Join Jamie Novak for this laugh-out-loud funny look at the common challenges to getting organized. Be prepared to smile as one or more of these excuses hit home. Aside from a laugh or two, you will walk away with tips on how to clean your closets and make piles of paperwork disappear! Perfect for savers and sentimentalists! Organizing Humorist™ and media personality Jamie is the bestselling author of Keep This Toss That. You may have seen her on HGTV or QVC. If you are wondering what to keep, what to toss, what to share or sell and how to let it go this workshop is not to be missed!

Declutter, Destress and Get Things Done!

If you procrastinate, lose papers in a stack of mail, and have a 2-page to-do list then this program is for you! Join bestselling author and Organizing Humorist Jamie Novak to learn a few simple organizing tricks for key areas of your home and life. Come for a laugh (or two) and to learn how to easily clear the clutter and store the stuff. No more saying, “Where did I put that?” or “I’ve been looking for this!”

Summer Decluttering: 10-minute organizing ideas what to save, share or shred?

Join Organizing Humorist™ Jamie Novak for a laugh-out-loud look at what we save and why! You’ll leave this program with mini organizing projects perfect to tackle over the summer. Paperwork, closets, clothes, and much more will be discussed. Bring your questions for the Q&A.

De-clutter to Find an Extra Hour a Day

Did you know the average person wastes 52 minutes a day looking for lost or misplaced items? If you lose paperwork, can’t find your car keys and have to pick up things that topple out of your closets and cabinets then this program is for you! Learn a few simple organizing tricks for key areas of your home and life. You may have seen Jamie on HGTV or QVC and she most recently served as a home blogger for Martha Stewart’s Whole Living. She is the author of multiple bestsellers in including Keep This Toss That. If you could use more time and less stress you won’t want to miss this event! 

Keep This Toss That – The GREAT Closet Clean-out

If you need to wear a hard hat to open your closet doors for fear of things toppling out then you need to join Jamie for this one night event! Come for a laugh (or two) and to learn how to easily transform your closets. No more saying, “Where did I put that?” or “I’ve been looking for this!”

  • You’ll learn how to make more storage space in the closets and other storage spaces you have.
  • The five things every closet needs.
  • Discover the key to deciding what to keep and what to toss.
  • And what to do with what you find including boxes of photographs and sentimental items.

3 steps to sort and store paperwork & photographs

Are you are stuck under piles of paperwork and boxes of photographs? If so, this event is for you!

Join us for a humorous look at the common pitfalls of figuring out how to deal with them.

Aside from a good laugh you’ll walk away with useful tips on the exact steps to take to tackle these projects today!

How to sort through your home without getting overwhelmed

Join Jamie for a humorous look at the common challenges to paring down. If you have an attic full of treasures, a garage filled with heirlooms instead of a car, a basement with your children’s toys and closets of collectibles this program is for you!

Aside from a laugh or two, you will walk away with stress-free steps to downsize with ease. If you are wondering what has value, where you can share or sell it and how to let it all go this program is for you!

Spring De-cluttering for a Fresh Start (or for the New Year if given in January)

Ready to tackle that spring cleaning checklist but not sure where to start? Join Author and Organizing Expert Jamie Novak when she reveals all her insider tips and tricks to getting it all done in half the time. From time saving tips like using Listerine to clean shower grout to how a pillowcase can clean your ceiling fan to what to do with all those paper piles Jamie shares it all. You’ll leave this program with a personalized plan and the motivation to put that plan into action! Even more tips and resources can be found at www.JamieNovak.com


12 Surefire Strategies to Stop Procrastinating (and finally get organized!)

Is your to-do list two pages long?

Do you have difficulty choosing which task to do first?

Are clutter and paperwork piling up around you?

Do you put things off to “get to later?”

Are you ready to feel energized, accomplished and on-top of things?

Put an end to the stress, clutter, and last minute rushing around caused by procrastination. Join us for a laugh or two as you learn the difference between procrastinating and percolating. The common reasons why we put things off and what you can do about it – starting today- will be revealed by organizing humorist, bestselling author and time management specialist Jamie Novak. You may have seen Jamie on QVC, HGTV, or read one of her bestselling books. Don’t put it off registering for this event, mark your calendar now for this not to be missed program!

3 Steps to Declutter Your Kitchen and Make a Meal Plan Today!
The kitchen is the heart of your home. Whip up a clutter-free kitchen by following Jamie’s ideas to finally organize:
• Cookbooks and recipes
• Refrigerator, freezer and pantry
• Cabinets and drawers

How to (finally) Write Your Book

Move your book project along – starting today!

Join five-time bestselling author Jamie Novak and learn:

  • How to find the time to write when your schedule is already very busy
  • How to stay motivated to write
  • How to overcome any uncertainty about your project

Plus, a Q&A with Jamie when she’ll share a look behind-the-scenes at how to get a book traditionally published.

Perfect for fiction and non-fiction book ideas.

Come with an idea, part or all of your book already written.

*These are the most requested programs. Don’t see the program you want? Jamie can create a program to meet your needs.

I present more than 100 programs each year, here is a recent snapshot of those who enthusiastically endorse me:


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