Instant Bedroom Organizing

Welcome to the club if you have a treadmill that has turned into makeshift closet! If you have a spare chair that has become a clutter catch-all then keep reading! And if you have a pile of stuff in the corner of your bedroom then we are more similar than you might have previously imagined! Have you ever read an article >>>

How to Keep Flat Surfaces Clutter Free

If you have been following along using my Once-a-Week Organizing Calendar, then you know this is our final week focusing on de-cluttering flat surfaces. Print or re-print your free calendar here Once you clear the table or counter how long does it take for clutter to re-appear? In my house, it might take as long as an hour but most days it only takes a few >>>

Bookcases and More

If you have been following along using my Once-a-Week Organizing Calendar, then you know this week we are still focused on clearing flat surfaces. Before we jump into the toss tip about flat surfaces that have turned into clutter catch-all’s I want to let you know I NEVER want to waste your time. If you tried to print (or re-print) your >>>

How to Clear Off Flat Surfaces

If you have been following along using my Once-a-Week Organizing Calendar, then you know this week we are focused on clearing flat surfaces. On my side table I have a random Christmas ornament that was overlooked during the de-decorating. My sister gave me this one, it is from the family farm near her house. We love their ice cream and >>>


Check out this super simple way to de-clutter 1,378 items out of your home by this time next year! It all begins today with week one, when you “toss” just one item. Then next week, the second week you “toss” two. The following week, week three, you “toss” three items and so on. These small, consistent, weekly steps add up >>>

Don’t Forget These

Turns out there are a handful of items that are on the “most forgotten” list. Hopefully I can save you a trip to the store by sharing the most forgotten items with you. Ready? Here they are: club soda for spills extra ice breakfast for the day after extra toilet paper extra aluminum foil and clear wrap enough butter (think: >>>

Feeling Behind? Do This!

Have you ever gone to the grocery store with your list and checked off all the items in record time? That was me last night, I was on a roll! I ate before I went shopping so I wasn’t tempted to buy every baked good I passed. I had my shopping list AND my coupons! I remembered by reusable bags >>>

3 Mini Merry Tips

So…have you recovered from all the sliced turkey and gravy smothered mashed potatoes? Here in the United States we just celebrated Thanksgiving – and in case you haven’t noticed any holiday can turn your regular routine upside down. As I write this to you I have two hampers of laundry that need attention tonight or I’m going to have to >>>

What’s In Your Bag?

Today my purse felt extraordinarily heavy – want to know why? There was $7.78 in loose sliding around the bottom of my purse! To make sure I got it all I dumped my purse. That led to spending the next 20 minutes sorting stuff. In the pile of stuff, I found: A stack of receipts Two pens without any ink >>>

What Will You Bake or Make?

              Every year around this time I start clipping way more recipes than usual. Sadly most go unprepared. Here is the US we have 30 days until Thanksgiving and a few more than that depending on the other holidays you will be celebrating. Yesterday I clipped a recipe for serving homemade soup in mini scooped >>>