Fix, Toss, Return

Want to know what’s on my kitchen counter top?

  1. A plate
  2. A necklace
  3. An empty make-up compact
WHY? I need to remember to return the plate to my neighbor I need to fix the necklace (and by fix I mean de-tangle) I need to order a new make-up compact, in the same shade, before tossing the empty one What’s on YOUR counter? img_5966          

Want to know what’s on the chair near my hallway?

  1. Flameless candles
  2. A bottle of lotion
  3. A tiny circle of wood
WHY? I need to fix the flameless candles (and by fix I mean change the batteries) I need to exchange or return the bottle of lotion I need to make sure I no longer own the stool the tiny circle of wood goes to before I toss it What’s on your chair? img_5967           I am tired of looking at these things. I’ve spent more time moving them from surface to surface than it would have taken to deal with them! Plus I’d like to enjoy my candles while wearing my necklace.

So, today I am going to:

  1. FIX one thing
  2. TOSS one thing
  3. RETURN on thing
Have you been putting off fixing, tossing or returning something? You know we will both feel better once we do it! Today seems like a GREAT day to finally get it done. I’m going to look around for the wooden kitchen stool that is missing a tiny circle of wood, what will you be doing?